Webinars That Generate Sales Leads

Webinars that generate sales leads create win-win situations for both presenters and their audiences. On one hand, presenters acquire valuable new leads – collecting precious contact information, titles, professional affiliations, and areas of interest. During registration, for example, attendees can identify favorite sources for industry-related news and expertise, which you can use as a recruiting ground for subsequent streaming events.

Build Personal and Organizational Branding

Meanwhile, presenters can reinforce their organization’s “brand” while establishing personal credibility as thought leaders. Particularly compelling webcasts may convince some audience members that your solution is a perfect fit. But even if it doesn’t, it can serve as an important talking point for sales teams during follow-up conversations with prospects.

Participants Gain Access to Valuable, Time-Sensitive Information

But how do participants benefit? They gain access to valuable, time-sensitive content that’s not available elsewhere – information that applies directly to problems they currently are experiencing. During an event, they not only can share observations with other audience members, but they can pose questions directly to the presenter – receiving immediate feedback on how a solution meets their needs. And when they share what they learned with co-workers, they build their own personal brand within their organizations.

Capture Client Data to Focus Messaging for Best Results

Webinars can be marketed on multiple channels, but it is best to focus on a specific “buyer persona” that represents your ideal client type. Prospects already may exist in your database, but you want to advertise your virtual event on channels where you can target the most qualified prospects – professional organizations, industry publications, special events, or Facebook and LinkedIn.

What Makes a Streaming Platform a Perfect Fit?

The following questions can help gauge the potential benefit of live-streaming technology at your organization. Do you:

  • Have valuable, time-sensitive information to present?
  • Have a geographically dispersed audience?
  • Want spontaneity and multi-directional interaction?
  • Want to capture and use audience data?
  • Want a scalable platform?
  • Want to build your brand?

Perigon is the first and only live-streaming solution that combines multi-faceted communication with data-driven audience segmentation – allowing you to separately engage multiple target groups in one singular, powerful event.