Webcasting Investments by Company Size

In addition to studying the adoption of streaming technologies by different business sectors, it is valuable to examine webcasting investments by company size. Indeed, the adoption of streaming technology is most widespread and intense among mid-sized organizations. Nonetheless we identified four levels of spending that vary by the number of employees in an organization.

Mid-Size Organizations Invest Most Heavily in Streaming Technology

The smallest budgets and lowest percentage of companies investing in online streaming technology are at firms with less than 100 employees. At the next highest level, companies with 100 to 499 employees are more likely to spend and spend more. The highest percentages of companies with online streaming budgets are mid-sized organizations with 500 to 4,999 employees, and they also have the larger webcasting budgets. A slightly lower percentage of the largest organizations – those with more 5,000 or more employees – invest in online streaming technology, but these organizations have the largest streaming webcast budgets, which is commensurate with their size.

Employee Use of Streaming Video Is Key to Spending Decisions

But what is behind these spending decisions? The leading factor is whether employees will use streaming video enough to make it worthwhile. This is followed by the total cost of ownership, return on investment (ROI), ease of use, and the need for IT involvement for implementation. In other words, mostly non-technical concerns constitute the top considerations: Companies want value.

Support of Top Executives Is Top Non-Technical Consideration for Streaming Investment Decisions

Following the primarily non-technical considerations are a host of minor concerns: having the support of top executives, having enough network capacity, the speed of initial implementation, the ability to deploy a solution on a hosted basis, the vendor’s reputation, preserving legacy investments, and scalability.

Key Factors for Adoption of Webcasting

Your answers to some important questions can help to gauge the potential benefit of live-streaming technology at your organization. Do you:

  • Have valuable, time-sensitive information to present?
  • Have a geographically dispersed audience?
  • Want spontaneity and multi-directional interaction?
  • Want to capture and use audience data?
  • Want a scalable platform?
  • Want to build your brand?

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