In today’s day and age of virtual conferences and meetings, it’s important to present your audience with an experience that’s both professional and true-to-life. In other words, you want your audience to have the full conference experience, complete with mingling between events – especially during events that might span multiple days. Virtual lobbies are perfect for providing that realistic experience, and companies hosting virtual events are clamoring for them. Here’s why. 

A Place Where Events Come Together

If you think about a multi-day conference event you’ve attended or hosted in the past, you can understand how several very different presentation types can fall under one broader event umbrella. For example, if you’re hosting a corporate summit, you might choose to focus your presentations on new product launches on the first day and sales metrics from the previous year on the second. A virtual lobby serves as a “catch-all” in the sense that your audience can view data for the overall event, including which topics are being covered on specific days, and then choose which events to attend based on those that are relevant to them. 

Mingling Room

Another exciting feature that a virtual lobby can deliver is a place for your audience to mingle with one another before, between, and after the events of the day. Depending on your industry, this could be fantastic for building networks, interacting further with your audience in a different setting, and giving people (and companies) the opportunity to learn more about each other. Giving the audience room to chat about what they have or will experience can even help you make your future events better, and you might even use this opportunity to ask your audience to fill out digital surveys about their experiences. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

A traditional lobby for multi-day conferences often features numerous advertisements from various companies who have helped to sponsor the event, and a virtual lobby can serve the same purpose. Digital advertising is often just as effective as in-person advertising, and in many cases, it’s even better. Not only does this even further promote a realistic venue setting, but it gives you the opportunity to work with various companies and generate capital that can make your event a success. 

Simplicity in Navigation

Finally, it’s important to remember that not everyone who attends multi-day events is completely tech-savvy, so when there are multiple events taking place over the course of two or more days, knowing where to register or where to join can quickly become tricky. Virtual lobbies can serve as a one-stop-shop for navigation. Your attendees only need to bookmark a single link – the link to the lobby – and from there, they can join any event they choose at the specified date and time. 
The demand for virtual lobbies during digital events continues to grow, and thanks to the numerous features these lobbies can provide – as well as the inherent cost savings – it’s easy to see why. Between giving your audience a place to mingle and build their networks and creating the perfect space for numerous sponsorship opportunities, it only makes sense to utilize a virtual lobby during your next conference or event.