Due in part to the coronavirus pandemic, companies and organizations around the world have adapted to changing social environments by hosting their conferences, meetings, and other events in a virtual setting. Though the benefits of virtual and hybrid events are many, the ease of global connectivity has changed the game. Here are some of the biggest benefits associated with global virtual event connectivity and what it might mean for your organization. 

Larger Crowds

Traditional in-person events are wonderful because they provide guests with the opportunity to shake hands with others in the industry. However, most facilities have a specific capacity that must be upheld for safety reasons, so depending on the size of the venue, it may be necessary to limit participation. Conversely, with virtual and hybrid events, there are no hard capacity limits. Anyone from anywhere in the world can attend if they have the correct login information and access to the internet, and that means no one feels left out. Although a real handshake may not be possible via the internet, your guests can still mingle and have discussions just as they would in person. 

Bigger Selection of Keynote and Guest Speakers

Another benefit associated with the global connectivity afforded by virtual and hybrid event platforms is a wider speaker selection and availability. With an in-person event, it’s common for organizations to invite speakers who are local for the sake of cost and convenience. Companies that invite a speaker from across the globe are generally required to pay for airfare and accommodations, which can be pricey to say the least.

Virtual and hybrid event platforms negate these costs and inconveniences by allowing anyone from anywhere in the world to present. The only real inconvenience is the difference in time zones. Furthermore, with this new global reach, your organization can choose from among the best speakers in the world rather than focusing only on those who are local. 

A Wider Reach

It’s also important to think about the benefits of global event connectivity from the attendees’ point of view. Imagine being invited to an exciting industry event that you would really love to attend, only to discover that you would have to spend thousands of dollars – and many, many hours – traveling to reach that event. With virtual and hybrid event platforms, this is no longer an issue. Attendees can view and even participate in the event regardless of their locations. All they need is an internet-connected device and the correct login information. 

Technical Support 

Hosting a global event via a virtual platform can seem a little intimidating at first, but the good news is that today’s platforms provide access to a variety of technologies that make event development and hosting simpler than ever before. When you need assistance, or when questions arise, technical support is only a few clicks or a phone call away. No matter how simple or complex your virtual event might be, today’s technology can make it a resounding success. 

Simply put, when you choose to make your next conference or meeting a hybrid or virtual event, not only do you gain access to the tools and resources to save your organization (and the invitees) a great deal of time and money, but the global connectivity afforded by virtual platforms offers benefits of its own.