Employee Training

The use of video for employee training is rapidly growing in popularity. Studies have shown that 98% of business leaders recognize the value of using video for training employees better and faster, with 75% stating this channel is very valuable. While offering live webinars to your employees (particularly your remote workers) provides them an opportunity to ask questions, recording a series of on-demand webinars from which team members can pull information about specific topics also presents a personalized learning experience (adhering to a “just-in-time” learning model). 

Webinar production teams should focus on making training and professional development videos engaging so that employees actually retain and apply what they’ve learned to their jobs. It’s so important to connect the material to their role in the company, as well as to connect their role to business goals. 

Town Hall Meetings

More and more, companies are hosting virtual town hall meetings to communicate with all of their employees. Considering that a virtual workplace is becoming increasingly common across numerous industries, and that there are so many organizations with satellite offices operating across the world, the ability to engage with remote staff members is critical.

The best webinar platforms allow you to broadcast company events on a one-to-many scale (connecting 10,000+ attendees). So why not take advantage by creating a quarterly webinar that brings the president of your company to each employee’s office for a ‘State of the Union’ address? You can also obtain employee feedback during these virtual events – and the ability to send comments directly to the C-Suite can sometimes prompt high-value remarks.

What’s your use case?

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