e-Learning / Continuing Education Delivery

e-Learning is widely used today as an extension of the classroom, usually covering a topic for educational purposes only. This method is popular in many professions where keeping your industry chops up to date requires Continuing Education (CE) and re-certification. And CE content is often delivered by way of a webinar. 

Continuing Education webinars—both live and on-demand—help e-Learners earn credits in their field without them having to travel long distances and disrupt their schedules. These online events incorporate a virtual audience learning about a specific topic from an expert speaker – who leverages interactive tools to conduct surveys and polls, field questions, and gather feedback. Most CE webinars are peer-reviewed prior to launch and are designed to meet state and federal requirements. When using a content delivery platform that includes Learning Management System essentials, CE webinars can also be followed by an evaluation, a test or quiz, an additional recommended course, or even automated certificate delivery.

Association Membership Content

If your customers are actually members of your organization who are paying a monthly or annual fee for your services and benefits, webinars are the perfect way to add value to the package. Many associations offer webinars to their members at no additional cost, while charging a fee to those who are not part of the organization. This not only provides an extra benefit to your program but also makes the events feel more exclusive. 

Research also tells us that Continuing Education opportunities make up the third most popular reason why people join professional associations in the first place. By offering educational webinars about timely industry topics, you’re not only marketing your organization’s expertise to both current and prospective members, but you’re also catering to those looking for access to specialized information.

Panelist Discussion

A round-table discussion with a panel of industry experts is a great way to showcase that you’re in the loop – and that your business is a leader in the field. During this type of webinar, the discussion is typically managed by a moderator who asks three to five panelists about their opinions and experiences with respect to various topics. 

One way to engage the audience is to ask registrants for questions in advance. Equipped with this information, your moderator can tailor the presentation to meet the needs of the attendees and also prep the panelists ahead of time. This also gives your experts a chance to mull over the questions and provide more thought-out and / or data-backed answers.

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