Virtual Panel Discussions

Highly interactive events composed of multiple panels and guests staged over a two-to-four hour period driven by a specific theme yet presented to a select target audience as an event series over a significant period of time.
  • Multiple cams needed at one time for panel members and moderator
  • High level of interactivity needed
  • Polls and chat needed with the ability to both moderate chat and route questions to panelists
  • Branded stage with the ability to rotate guests in and out
  • Sponsorship opportunities with all to action links
  • Integration of video and slides with live talent


  • Managing the greenroom and backstage is a demanding role for the event team especially given timings within the ROS and remaining on path
  • Dry runs are useful for basic mechanics yet the “live show” aspect adds to the intensity of the event
  • Guest speaker tech checks are most critical allowing for “technical peace of mind” prior to the event, yet not all speakers join until prior to event start thus making the greenroom a critical element
  • Operational excellence is required for live production, and producers and backstage teams following each ROS to the tee is critical to success

Run of Show

  • Short countdown periods with the innate desire to get onto the main event
  • Complete and full agendas with a revolving door of panelists designed to address an overarching theme
  • Fast-paced integrated ROS comprised of live talent, therefore many moving parts as talent is queued from the greenroom to live-on-stage
  • Integration of video with live moderators
  • Constant ability and desire to provide attendee-to-attendee interaction


  • Branded header specifically tying to event theme yet branded to sponsoring entity
  • Call to action carousel used to rotate through key messaging and offers
  • Public chat allowing for chatter, high-fives, interactivity
  • Social feeds such as Twitter, to increase social interactivity and connection
  • Stage area utilized as primary focal point, multi-panels and revolving guest appearances
  • Custom HTML content area promoting guest bios, future event registrations, and promotional items


  • Branded and usually highlighting the event theme
  • Common layout elements: public chat, branded header, CTA to emphasize key messaging and partners, social feeds such as Twitter, custom layouts to drive future event registrations to speaker bios and potential purchasing options
  • Transitional layout elements: Pre-recorded video introduction, host/CEO welcome, change to multi-panel, side panel engagement through social feeds and public chat


  • Events usually exceed typical registrant:attendee conversion ratios so expect over 50% attendance from registration counts
  • Event duration ranges from 2 to four-plus hour events
  • Expect high levels of interactivity with concurrent chat in the thousands
  • Average attendee size of 2,000, ranging from 1,000 to nearly 4,500 attendees

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