Virtual Film Festival

Multi-day or multi-week events promoting the art and culture of film offered to the public and industry groups spanning potentially unlimited boundaries geographically and culturally with renowned celebrity and VIP draws.
  • High resolution video playback is a key element along with maintaining copyright compliance
  • Greenrooms needed to manage flow and to prep talent with limited rehearsal time
  • Multiple presenters for panel discussions and post screening talk backs
  • Capacity to handle large attendee groups on multiple virtual stages
  • Ability to provide talent pre-records prior to the event.


  • Thinking through event themes/templates in preparing each event track and ROS, while working with studios to secure their specific requirements within their events
  • Securing corporate sponsors is pivotal requiring months of planning and negotiation
  • Talent management teams basically do not sleep much throughout the festival as the draw of celebrities and their readiness in-event is critical
  • Multiple team members will manage to the event “backstage”; rehearsals and dry runs are pivotal to insure success prior to event day and review of digital content quality

Run of Show

  • The sheer volume of events within a festival demands the design of event themes and their respective ROS to insure repeatability
  • Injecting corporate sponsorship opportunities throughout the festival requires clarity early in the event design stage to show sponsors specific promotional layouts, and demonstrate how data will be collected to validate attendee consumption
  • Highly visual and creative elements, thematically leveraged within the festival establish the brand and vibe
  • A clear registrant and attendee journey is primary from the festival level down through each specific event experience


  • Branded headers specifically highlighting studios, sponsors or partners per track and event
  • High resolution video at 1080, as well as recordings for post event production
  • Production level layouts for celebrity/VIP panel and moderated discussions
  • CTA used to rotate through key messaging and sponsor actions
  • Moderated chat allowing for q&a and celebrity/VIP interaction
  • Greenroom to manage the flow of and prep of talent
  • Talent tech-checks and readiness prior to live event start
  • Backstage team by role assignment capabilities with producer controls over the greenroom, backstage, and in-event


  • Time-in-event opportunities taking advantage of pre-countdown, countdown and in-event stages, promoting studios, sponsors, and partners via ads/videos and potential branding through layouts
  • Common layout elements: moderated chat, branded header, CTA emphasizing studio, sponsor or partner value propositions and related desired actions
  • Transitional layout elements: pre-countdown warmers, countdown sponsor ads, in-event live multi-panels, moderated celebrity/VIP panels, integrated video clips, moderated q&a within industry tracks, Integrated social feeds especially within public tracks


  • Festival events require significant staff due to the highly integrated and complex nature of many moving parts
  • Event duration spans several weeks for large festivals with multiple tracks tending to industry sponsored and public events, also integrating awards and VIP events
  • Average attendee size ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 or more

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