Virtual Corporate Event

From product launches to sales meetings to product updates for distributors these events can be directed toward internally-facing audiences to market-facing events where the company brand and image is paramount.
  • Multi day event with multiple segmented audiences
  • Live general sessions, breakouts and video on demand
  • Corporate branded virtual stages
  • Ability for audience polling and chat
  • Need for multiple team members back stage
  • Ability to provide live presenter with slides and video


  • Most of the heavy lifting undoubtedly is on the event planning staff months in advance of the event; preparing each event ROS insuring all content is created, vetted and accurate
  • Managing to last minute content changes, and managing the flow of talent on “game day” are typically the most grueling
  • Multiple team members will manage to the event “backstage”; rehearsals and dry runs are pivotal to insure success prior to event day and review of digital content quality
  • Managing to CEO expectations is critical and their involvement through the dry runs; expectation-setting even prior to demonstrating any aspect of the event sets the stage of understanding and alignment

Run of Show

  • Events occur over a period of time elapsed over a week, or sequenced over days as a series; a product launch may begin with an internal launch to all teams/functions across the Americas, followed by a day of breakout sessions for the product and sales teams, completed by a market-facing launch to key partners and distribution channels worldwide
  • Live general session days may be event bookends while a VOD event series is used within the overall event structure providing product training to sales teams on new products, product upgrades, and sales training in preparation for launch


  • Corporate or product branded header specifically tying to event theme
  • CTA used to rotate through key sales or product messaging, and partner / vendor / distributor recognition
  • Public chat allowing for chatter, high-fives, interactivity
  • Stage area utilized as primary focal point for CEO welcome, multi-panels, revolving guest appearances, and integrated product videos
  • Resources panel providing relevant educational content readily available either during the event or as downloads
  • Video on Demand event modules provide the ability to serve up product training content, all data-driven identifying attendee consumption by video and time-in-event


  • Use of pre-countdown and countdown stages for educational messaging, corporate highlights, and product teaser purposes
  • Common layout elements: moderated chat, branded header, CTA emphasizing partners/employees/value proposition, event resources, product videos, weblinks to product order pages
  • Transitional layout elements: multiple transitions from video introduction, to live single panel, single panel with slide deck, video clips, four-panel product team highlight, partner or distributor highlight reels


  • Events usually exceed typical registrant attendee conversion ratios due to the nature of a corporate event, although market-facing corporate events vary in overall attendance ratios
  • Event duration usually does not exceed ½ day sessions, yet the events span over a period of a week typically; market-facing events will span 2 to 2 ½ hours

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