Virtual Awards Gala

Our producers are experienced in events that celebrate an organization’s achievements, focused toward employees or expanded to recognize partners or members – these are fast paced, intricate, intense!
  • Fast-paced with multiple layout transitions including awards theme, greenroom & many other features available to producers to inspire attendee participation & add to their experience
  • Common layout elements include public chat, branded header, call-to-action emphasizing partners, employees and company value proposition
  • Rotating photo booth increasing interaction and involvement
  • Transitional layout elements driven by live single panel, single panel with slide deck, video clips in full stage, four-panel nominee highlights, pulling winners forward, integration with live emcee


  • Award/gala events are back-stage intensive, requiring a senior producer, technical producer, show caller, and technology support (specifically geared toward attendee issues such as joining the event, last minute event join links, etc.)
  • Integration of “live” requires flexibility on the producer and show caller’s end to manage live acceptance speeches (for example) which may delay the ROS timing cues
  • Photo booth judging requires agility on behalf of the backstage team to quick pick and show winner categories such as “best dressed”, “best scene”, etc.

Run of Show

  • Countdown comprised of a video roll of organizational achievements, key messaging, partner recognition and upcoming organizational events, ending with a 60 second countdown clock to go-live
  • CEO live or pre-recorded welcome
  • Fast-paced integrated ROS comprising categories of product/service highlights and award winners, product of the year, partner nominees and winners, rising stars within the organization, and customer testimonials
  • Integration of video with live emcee


  • Branded header specifically tying to award/gala theme
  • Call to action carousel used to rotate through key messaging
  • Public chat allowing for chatter, upvoting and interactivity
  • Photo booth utilizing web url element via third-party tool, specifically
  • Stage area utilized as primary focal point for ROS focused on award/gala agenda


  • Fast-paced with at least 4-5 layout transitions, heavily branded with “awards” theme
  • Common layout elements: public chat, branded header, CTA emphasizing partners/employees/value proposition, photobooth rotating through employees/partners
  • Transitional layout elements: live single panel, single panel with slide deck, video clip (full stage), four-panel employee highlight, still image of winners with emcee commentary


  • Events usually exceed typical registrant attendee conversion ratios so expect over 60% attendance from registration counts
  • Event duration usually does not exceed 90 mins (30 min countdown and 60 min show)
  • Highlight reels are common post-event and highly distributed within 24 hours of event
  • Average attendee size of 1,500, ranging from 500 to nearly 5,000 attendees

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