Although several live webinar platforms are available online these days, most of them only offer basic functionality such as ensuring that all attendees are connected to a session. However, Perigon has taken online webinar tools to the next level by offering several unique features on its platform and this has resulted in a number of industries now using this virtual event platform exclusively.

1. Education and Thought Leadership

Online Learning

Online learning has proven to be an extremely valuable education tool, especially in areas where social distancing protocols remain in place indefinitely. Teachers, college lecturers and university educators also have to ensure that their qualifications and related subject knowledge are kept up to date through re-certification and Continuing Education (CE) – and the best way to deliver this information to candidates is in the form of webinars.

CE webinars provide the perfect opportunity for educators to earn the required credits to keep their knowledge current without them needing to take time off to travel to physical training facilities. As such, their teaching schedules need not be interrupted any more than is totally necessary.

These webinars involve a virtual audience that will be learning updated information from industry experts, who will in turn use various interactive tools such as polls, surveys and Q&A sessions to obtain feedback. Information that has been obtained can be used to determine whether candidates require additional training or even deliver automated training certificates.

2. Enterprise

Employee Training

Studies have revealed that more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of using online training for employees because it saves time and money.

Perigon’s functionality allows all attendees in a live training session to ask questions, provide opinions and learn from each other as well as from a main event speaker. Once a training session is over, a dedicated employee can gather information from the platform pertaining to the topics discussed and the level of interaction from each employee.

On-demand webinars can be compiled as well and team members can access these as often as required to ensure complete understanding of the training material.

3. Sales and Marketing

Product Demos

Up to 70% of a buyer’s decision to purchase a specific product or service is completed online these days, and in several cases, a live demonstration is what has been known to seal the deal.

Using live webinars for product demos not only allows your business to show potential buyers that they can supply what is needed; they also allow your product to be differentiated from other similar offerings. Being able to see what a product can do and how efficiently it performs is often all that’s needed for clients to make their final decision in your company’s favor.

The array of features that can be accessed on Perigon’s live web platform ensure that any business that uses it will remain a step ahead of competitors when it comes to training, marketing, sales and data analysis. If you would like to schedule a demo or learn more about how you can use this platform for your business, contact us today.