Many organizations around the world – including SMBs and enterprise-level corporations – have begun utilizing virtual events as an important strategy for growth. As such, virtual sponsorship real estate is extremely valuable for both your organization and your sponsors. Here are some valuable tips and tricks for increasing sponsorships when using a virtual platform like Perigon Live.

Why Do You Need Sponsors?

Sponsors play important roles in your organization’s event for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, sponsors generally pay you for their time to shine in your event, which can help you pay for things like the venue, the catering, and more. Second, when you carefully select your sponsors, you can feel confident that the products and services those companies offer will truly resonate with your audience – something that everyone in attendance can appreciate. They might utilize a variety of methods ranging from product demonstrations, giveaways, and raffles, all of which are an added bit of interest for those in attendance. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, virtual event sponsorships are an opportunity for creating powerful partnerships that can help both companies grow with time. 

How Your Sponsors Can Benefit

Of course, if you want to snag the best and most popular sponsors for your next virtual event, it’s important to understand the benefits the sponsors themselves are looking for. No two sponsor companies are the same, but in general, they typically look for some combination of the following four valuable benefits. 

  1. Access to your event data. Truth be told, marketing is more casual and natural during in-person events, but the virtual event setting provides both you and your sponsors with access to information that you wouldn’t otherwise have. By giving your sponsors access to as much data as possible – particularly engagement data – they can utilize that data to improve their virtual event marketing campaigns in the future. 
  2. A wider audience reach. Virtual events negate common concerns like travel time and expenses, which means that a wider and more diverse group of people are likely to attend. Your sponsors can develop national and international relationships with a whole new group of prospects. 
  3. More information about their target demographic. One of the most important aspects of successful marketing is a solid understanding of one’s target audience. Virtual events provide your sponsors with the perfect opportunity to gain serious insight into which types of consumer personas engage with their brand most frequently. For example, more clicks on a particular campaign or more engagement from certain age groups can completely change the game for those companies. 
  4. Affordability. Just as virtual events are more affordable for your organization and for those who choose to attend, they are also far more affordable for your sponsors. There are no exorbitant travel costs, there is no need to hire additional staff, and the need for promotional giveaways is reduced (if not negated) depending on the marketing campaign they choose. 

The truth is that virtual events have opened new doors for everyone, including the event hosts, those in attendance, and even the event sponsors. By using a highly customizable platform that allows your sponsors the opportunity to collect valuable data, and by choosing the right sponsors for your industry and event type, there’s no limit to audience engagement – and your event is sure to be a success.