Think about the Data and Analytics Opportunities a Powerful Virtual Event Platform Can Bring

More corporations than ever before are hosting events through virtual platforms these days. However, few of them realize just how beneficial it can be to have the ability to gather and analyze the data from them and use it when planning future networking and marketing strategies.

How is Virtual Event Data Collected?

If your virtual event has been marketed online, this would most likely have taken place in the form of dedicated landing pages, company website promotion, paid advertising on social media and sending out customized emails to potential attendees. In most cases, these methods would be used alongside a customer relationship management system (CRM).

Previously, attendee information would have been collected through your marketing campaign and simply added to a contact list for future use. However, data and analytics that can be retrieved from a virtual event have the ability to go far beyond basic attendee information. As such, it’s crucial to use a virtual event platform such as that offered by Perigon.

Types of Data to Collect during Live Webinars

Although obtaining contact info for each attendee is important, this is merely the beginning where virtual event platforms are concerned. It’s now possible to follow each of their digital paths through your online event because additional information such as chat responses, Q&A, polls and clicks on specific segments of information can all be recorded. Other data that can be collected throughout an event, including videos that have been watched and PDF documents that have been provided for viewing.

Reports will not only be made available to event organizers and other relevant parties in real-time; this information can even be exported and used elsewhere after an event has ended.

Leveraging this Data to Grow your Business

Some of the most obvious ways to use data collected from a webinar include improving future online events and boosting sales prospects. Information gathered can be used to determine the types of activity that were most popular during an event and take this into consideration when compiling content for upcoming webinars.

Perigon’s virtual event platform can seamlessly integrate all user data that as been obtained with a relevant CRM solution like Salesforce in real-time, and this allows companies to boost sales figures and maximize their customer retention strategies as well.

Using the Right Virtual Event Platform is Crucial

Although several virtual event platforms are available these days, they have not all been created equal. Perigon offers features that will take any company’s B2B webinar events to the next level such as advanced chat facilities, ultra stable connectivity and advanced audience segmentation.

If your company is ready to take its B2B sales and marketing efforts to the next level, a top-notch virtual event platform is critical. Perigon’s live webcasting software is easy to use because content can be uploaded and accessed quickly. It’s also compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about using Perigon for your next virtual event.