Are you an event planner or manager who has been searching for the right tools to host virtual gatherings, meetings or online entertainment? Although several virtual online event platforms are available, very few provide event planners with the one-stop quoting, registration, event hosting and information-gathering solutions that Perigon Live offers.

The budget that is available for hosting a specific online event will usually be one of the most important factors for planners to consider. Perigon Live has provided an online quote tool to simplify the process of finding out what the approximate cost will be to host small or large virtual events with just a few simple clicks.

Using the Easy Online Quote Tool

Many event planners dread the process of obtaining quotes for products and services because of the fact that several pages of information are normally required before pricing will be provided. However, Perigon’s online quote tool has been designed in such a way that event planners and managers can obtain approximate pricing quickly and easily. 

The first part of Perigon Live’s Easy Quote Tool requires basic information including the event planners first and last names, an email address, the name of the company that will be hosting the event, a contact number and the type of event that is being planned. Examples of events that can be hosted on the Perigon platform include company meetings, film festivals, live panels, product launches, symposiums, virtual conferences and webinars. 

After providing the information needed on the first page of the online quote tool, the second page will appear and the last few pieces of information required will need to be input here. This include the number of days your event needs to run for, the expected number of attendees, average daily duration of your event and the amount of presenters who will be logged into the platform at the same time. 

Once this information has been provided, the Perigon Easy Quote calculator will provide you with an estimated price for hosting your virtual event on their platform. If you’re happy with the pricing that has been provided, you can click on the ‘Schedule a Demo’ button so that you’ll be able to see exactly how the Perigon Live virtual event platform differs from other types of virtual event hosting platforms.

Perigon Live offers event planners the option of setting everything up themselves after purchasing a monthly subscription or buying Perigon to use on a per-event basis. Regardless of the option chosen, online training and support will be made available.

If you would like to find out more about how Perigon Live will be able to completely transform the way you host future online events, get in touch with our team today. We look forward to providing you with the best possible solution that fits the needs of any corporate or social virtual events that you intend hosting now or at some point in the future.