A Studio in the Cloud

Designed for those interested in production-level events with capabilities and features a studio would want. Manage talent through the Greenroom for final tech-checks and quality control, greet VIPs appropriately before they are placed onto the stage. Increase the quality of your broadcast via 1080 video quality, while capturing recordings in 720. Show film screenings while applying DRM for rights management. Take full control over the backstage and greenroom through advanced producer controls. PerigonStudio™ expands upon the functionality already available in Perigon Live, adding advanced functionality giving you the ability to behave like a studio in the cloud.

Virtual Greenroom

Greet your VIPs and manage your talent in a safe environment separated from the virtual stage.
From providing a private setting to final tech check, the virtual greenroom will insure
everyone will appear and promote themselves and your brand as anticipated.


  • The greenroom is a separate area that speakers, contributors and staff can join before being placed on stage
  • Perigon links sent to talent will insure they enter into the greenroom further reducing any anticipated errors prior to show


  • What happens in the green room, stays in the greenroom giving producers the confidence they need to ensure nothing will be broadcast
  • No controls available in the greenroom have any association or effect over the event itself


  • Event administrators and producers can move back and forth themselves
  • Start in the event space, move seamlessly to the greenroom communicating with the speaker, move seamlessly back to the show


  • Separate greenroom chat, team communication and interaction from the event
  • When logged into the event space but not the greenroom and talent enters the greenroom, the producer is notified
  • The producer has control over talent camera, microphone, stopping both, access to greenroom chat and private chat rooms

Producer Controls

Manage the greenroom, backstage and stage even
if live talent is challenged to do so, or conditions demand it.

  • Communicate to both greenroom and backstage, and move seamlessly between both at a click of a button
  • Control camera and audio for live talent, turning each or both on/off, muting or unmuting all, removing some or removing all, adding one or adding all
  • Move talent from/to the greenroom to backstage or stage at your command
  • Provide timers for talent waiting in the greenroom prior to on set, and those presenting on stage
  • Communicate to all stage hands backstage, without talent, and in the greenroom
  • If needed, drop a virtual curtain onto stage allowing the attendees to wait with appropriate messaging and music while all is fixed backstage

Digital Rights Management


Encrypt content for FairPlay and Widevine DRM-enabled delivery of live-streamed content


Limit event access based on an attendee’s geographic location allowing event access for certain countries only

VPN Detection

Prevent event access over a public, anonymous VPN service, which could spoof a geographical location

The Power of ISOs

Built with the capacity to handle audiences of significant size, PerigonStudio™ can provide a compelling experience for your attendee.


ISO Streams



Multiple Streaming Options,
In High Resolution

1080 Video

Broadcast pre-recorded content at the highest quality through PerigonStudio™. We will upload your video content and produce it based on the Run of Show, seamlessly integrating it through event transitions. It’s 1080 at 30fps.


PerigonStudio™ accepts RTMP streams from your studio into any Perigon event layout leveraging the stage element. The stream remains at broadcast quality as it is integrated into the layouts that make up your virtual event.


Webcams are native to the Perigon Platform. Use our tools to create your content stream within any event with confidence. PerigonStudio™ allows up to nine webcams simultaneously in the main stage area for presenters or panelists at your discretion.

All the Buzz at a Fraction of the Price

Hybrid Events

Expand your event registrant and attendee base through Hybrid events. Leverage Perigon features applicable to both in-person interaction such as polls and chats, while the event stage is viewed by all respectively from their position in-person or virtually. Integrate the stage with in-person presenters and those remote through the PerigonStudio™ stage.
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