Streaming Video Investments, Industry by Industry

The adoption of webcasting technologies varies according to the business sector. Consequently, it is best to gauge the interest in streaming video investments, industry by industry. Telecommunications and financial firms lead the way in the size of their webcasting budgets. For example, 20% of telecommunications firms make webcasting investments of $1 million or more, and another 20% invest between $500,000 and $1 million. Financial services organizations follow closely – with 15% of these firms investing at least $1 million and another 20% investing $500,000 to $1 million.

Telecommunications and Finance Lead Energy, Computer, Transportation, and Construction

Despite relatively high levels of investment among energy, computer, transportation, and construction firms, the outlays are lower as a group than in the telecommunications and financial services industries. Below that, professional services firms, retailers, and governments form another tier. This is followed by a group that comprises media and marketing, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare organizations. The lowest level of investment in streaming video is in the education and non-profit sectors.

Top Applications of Streaming Video

For virtually any sector within government, education, or business, Perigon’s live-streaming event platform can host competitively priced cloud-based webcasts that scale up or down without affecting the quality of the user experience. It all boils down to marketing. Here are some of the top applications of streaming video events:

  • Product and process innovations
  • Path-breaking research and discoveries
  • Reputation building and maintenance
  • Organizational announcements and restructuring
  • Specialized training for complex, high-value services
  • Aggressive sales and marketing programs
  • Crisis communications
  • Disaster management

Who Should Implement Webcasting?

To gauge the potential benefit of webcasting technology for your organization, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your information valuable and time-sensitive?
  • Is your audience distributed geographically – making in-person events inconvenient?
  • Do you want to capture the spontaneity of a live event with multi-directional interaction among audience members and between audience members and the presenter?
  • Do you want to capture and segment audience data to build suspense before an event, keep them riveted during the webcast, and promote future engagement?
  • Do you want specialists who can scale your event and handle all technical issues?
  • Do you want unique, powerful events that build your brand into the event’s design itself?

Perigon is the first and only live-streaming solution that combines multi-faceted communication with data-driven audience segmentation – allowing you to separately engage multiple target groups in one singular, powerful event.