Effective and Engaging Virtual Events

A big problem with traditional is that you basically spray the exact same content to the entire audience and then hope that you hit the mark with as many people as possible. Perigon is the only one that lets you tailor real-time digital content to specific parts of your audience. This helps you increase engagement by presenting tailored messages to targeted attendees during an event while you have their attention, instead of waiting for your post-event content to hit them well after your event ends. See how Perigon will change the way you engage with your audience during your next web event.

Committed to Excellence

Built from the ground up, Perigon has grown from a concept to an emerging powerhouse in the webcasting marketplace. We have achieved this by addressing many of the industries’ pain points, pitfalls and missing features.

  • Emerging leader
  • Advanced filtering technology
  • Few-to-many, many on a massive scale
  • Full API, specialized Salesforce connector
  • Easy to attend, easy to administer
  • Expected baseline functionality, sophisticated abilities

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Two Ways to Buy and Use Perigon

We offer two effective business models for you to consume and use your Perigon product.

Do it Myself

Use Perigon by purchasing a monthly subscription, flat fee with no surprises. Best applied when your marketing or events team wishes to run the product from from beginning to end. Online training is readily available to you as a customer along with standard onboarding support. If you want to run a few webcasts with our support, you can purchase additional onboarding until you are 100% comfortable.

Do it for Me

Perfect for an organization that wishes to focus strictly on content, buy Perigon on a per-event basis. Our managed services team will be your team behind the curtain taking care of the webcast so you can focus on delivering your message to your market, customer or employee base. When you are ready for the full Perigon experience, we can seamlessly move you over to a monthly subscription.

Increase the Value of Your Webcasting

Perigon has reimagined the way we think about digital events.

Sales & Marketing

Leverage advanced audience segmentation to deliver real-time messaging and calls to action that motivate and engage attendees to respond and sales opportunities to close.


Reinvent employee communication and supply chain information-sharing to increase engagement levels and time-to-market when speed-to-information and execution are critical.

Education & Thought Leadership

Provide multiple methods of distributing and sharing information not only during a webcast. You can create an event life-cycle all while continuing high engagement levels.

What’s in Your Platform?

From features and functionality to shortcomings and frustrations, understanding what is inside each platform is key to your success. This was the foundation of Perigon’s development and will continue to drive its evolution.
Common Platform Pitfalls

  • Mobile experience is clunky
  • Settings hard to navigate
  • Poor video quality
  • Outdated UX/UI
  • Crashes often
  • Have to use phone audio for recording
  • Poor support response time
  • Can’t customize registration pages
  • CRM integration buggy
What You Should Expect

  • Easy to use interface
  • Content easily uploaded and accessed
  • Supports different layouts
  • Easy registration set up process
  • Works well on desktop and mobile
  • Tracks what users are doing
  • No dial in numbers required
  • performs well
  • Supports breakout rooms
Where Perigon Excels

  • Advanced audience segmentation
  • Ultra stable connectivity
  • No software download required
  • Scalable to thousands of attendees
  • Presenters can talk over video
  • Salesforce integration
  • Mulit-branch polling
  • Advance chat functionality
  • Pre, during and post event tools

Technical Highlights

  • Ability to handle upwards of 20,000 attendees without taking “extraordinary” steps
  • No technical limit on how many presenters or administrators can be logged into an event
  • Standard video renditions are 1Mbps (720p) and 256Kbps (360p) and audio only at 64Kbps.
  • No application downloads required.Even on mobile. Even presenters. Even attendees.
  • From simple to advanced studio setups – from laptop to broadcast studios.
  • Links to many individual content source elements, including webcams (with audio); slides/video clips; screen/window sharing; and chat.
  • Enterprise-ready allowing credential control, common password to the registration form and/or form embedded to an authenticated area, white listed IP ranges, or through our API .

Seeing is believing

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