Virtual Event Production

Each event has its personality and requirement for increasing attendee interactivity and production value, where skilled producer expertise is the difference between a webcast and a broadcast that promotes your brand. Perigon supports all types of events, from awards and galas, to symposiums, tailgates, product launches, sales training, virtual conferences, breakout rooms, live panels, virtual conferences, educational events, film festivals, musical broadcasts, and film screenings. Our team of producers are skilled and experienced in producing virtual events with thousands of hours logged in event production, and attention to detail to ensure your event is a production that elevates your brand.

The Power of
The Plan

Perigon’s four-step regimen provides the confidence in thousands of experience hours planning your Run of Show, leading the team in timing of asset delivery, event dry-runs, presenter or talent readiness resulting in brilliant event execution.


  • Conducted 2.5 to 4 weeks prior to live event
  • Consists of a full and detailed review of Run-of-Show (ROS), including all time blocks, desired transitions, and event features
  • Identifies all media resources to be used within the webcast
  • Sets accountabilities for event management


  • Event setup and configuration
  • Presenter/moderator and attendee settings
  • Event feature settings
  • Validation of all remote presenter / moderator equipment and broadcast quality
  • Validation of all event steps and transitions as defined by the ROS

Dress Rehearsal

  • Performed 48-72 hours prior to the event
  • Presenter and Talent tech-checks
  • Validates the full expectation of the Run of Show
  • Allows for any event course correction or changes


  • Execution of the Run of Show
  • Registrant event reminders
  • Systems and technology final checks
  • Event team members are “go-live” management prior to event-start
  • Pre-countdown stage management, countdown initiation, event go-live, and post event debrief

Experience to
Manage Talent

Our producers have the experience to manage presenters of any flavor, from CEOs to VIPs, Hollywood stars, Chief Revenue Officers, and roles that simply are stressed for time and want it easy when they show up to present or participate.

Our producers worry about the process of preparing anyone for an event so you don’t have to.

Do it for Me

Fully managed event. You as the client would be accountable for providing the assets and talent, and we as the Perigon Event Services team basically do the rest managing the event in its entirety. Our producers lead you through event planning and execution following our four-step regimen.

Mix it Up

Simply a combination of the two. For clients wishing to do it themselves, yet at times requiring an event to be managed by Perigon. The one-time event would be treated as a managed event with the ability to cross-train your staff in parallel to advance the knowledge of running such an event on your own.

Do it Myself

Monthly subscription. No limits to the number of sequential events per month, nor the number of attendees, nor product feature set. Onboarding training is required as a one-time charge with one of our producers who will train you and run your first event with you.

The Production Power of Perigon

Built with the capacity to handle audiences of significant size, Perigon can provide a compelling experience for your attendees.


Concurrent Attendees


Public Chats

Unparalleled User Data

Learn about your event during our event debrief run by our producers. Glean information across your multiple events, dive deeper into your last event learning about engagement and interactivity, and find opportunity within attendee analysis down to chats and individual interactivity.

All the Buzz at a Fraction of the Price

Studio Quality, Production Features

Perigon’s product features give your event the qualities found in a production studio, and a feature set that elevates your event to a production level.

Experienced Event Production

A team of producers who will manage your event from planning through execution with the attention-to-detail, product experience, and production skill to create flawless broadcasts.

Dynamic Event

Information you can view cross-events, drill into a specific event, and view across attendee groups and their interactivity from various perspectives, dynamically through our visualization event viewer.

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