Pricing Your Event is as Easy as 1,2,3

At Perigon, we understand that each event is unique. We also understand that getting a quote is a key part of choosing your event platform. It is these very reasons we created our EasyQuote event calculator below. Simply fill in the fields and hit calculate to price your event quickly and easily. If you like what you see follow the link to schedule your personalized demo and experience the power and business value of Perigon!

Perigon EasyQuote

STEP 1 Tell us a little about yourself and your event type

Perigon EasyQuote

STEP 2 Use the sliders below to enter you event parameters and hit calculate

Number of Event Days

Anticipated Number of Attendees

Average Daily Event Duration (min)

Number of Presenters at One Time

Teams (#)

Subscribers (#)


Perigon EasyQuote

STEP 3 Your estimated Perigon event cost can be seen in the box below

Labor Inputs

Enter number of laborers. Managed event labor hous calculated based on event type.

Labor Hours

The number of labor hours for the estimated event to be placed into the client contract.


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