A good PowerPoint presentation can hold a webcast together, but why do so many fail? The short answer? The audience is lost at the start, gets mired in details, and never learns how to put the content into practice. Here are some PowerPoint webinar dos and don’ts. Think of it is a recipe for success.

Hook Your Audience

You have only a few seconds to grab your audience. So begin with an intriguing question. Then answer it. Our brains release feel-good chemical “rewards” when we learn. So throw out some “brain candy” at the start.

State Your Purpose

State the purpose of your presentation. And remember: This is your promise, so keep it.

Show Your Outline

One of your first slides should identify the topics you will cover. Tell people what you will say. It’s like a roadmap, and if you refer to it with each change of topic, your audience will be able to keep up with you.

Use Short Bullets

Show only about seven bullet points per slide. Sure, some may have sub-topics, but your spoken words can explain them. Don’t litter the screen. If you do, your audience will read the words instead of paying attention to you. That’s not engagement.

Eliminate Wordiness

Bullets should be thought triggers, not essays. A word or two is enough. A sentence will have your audience reading, not listening.

Ask Questions

When you finish a section, ask for questions before moving on. This clears up any misunderstandings and it keeps the audience in synch with you.


When you finish, review the main topics one last time. It shows that you kept your original promise, and you become a trusted source.

Give Homework

Give the audience an easy assignment. This enables them to use what they learned and to see its value in action. So what’s your assignment for this blog? Why not use these tips to fix up your favorite PowerPoint presentation!

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