With virtual entertainment becoming more popular than ever, it’s become essential for event planners and managers to ensure that they have everything they need to make their events as memorable as possible. Below are just a few tools that every online event manager and planner should have at their disposal. 

1. A Dedicated Website Advertising the Event

Virtual entertainment events will benefit from dedicated websites because it provides them with a ‘home base’ of sorts. All virtual events attract some guests who spend a lot of time on social media, others who might check their emails often and even individuals who aren’t online regularly. Setting up a dedicated website will help keep all interested parties up to date about the event and any changes that may take place.

The following information should be included in your event website:

  • Where and when – what dates will the event take place and at what time? Which central platform will be used for everyone to meet online?
  • Why anyone should attend – the type of event should be described clearly and concisely
  • An event title – This should be simple and clarify that an entertainment-related event will be taking place. Now will also be a good time to create a coinciding hashtag for your event
  • Appealing images relating to your event – these can include photos of individuals or groups of people that have attended previous virtual entertainment functions
  • A link taking attendees to an event registration platform such as Perigon Live – it’s essential to make it as easy as possible for attendees to register for virtual entertainment events

2. An Event App

These days, most individuals will access information pertaining to your virtual entertainment event on their mobile devices. As such, creating a mobile event app that can run concurrently with the event website will help provide a more interactive experience overall for attendees. 

A dedicated event app can even be used to boost revenue through various featured sponsors and advertisement for different sponsors in the app itself. 

3. The Right Live Webcasting Platform

No virtual entertainment event will be able to take place if the correct webcasting platform isn’t used. Although several options are available in this regard, nothing else is able to match the functionality and overall quality of that which is provided by Perigon Live. 

Perigon Live not only provides an easy to use interface; it offers ultra stable connectivity and it can be used to host entertainment events comprising of more than 20,000 attendees as well. An added advantage is that event attendees will not need to download any form of software before being able to attend the virtual event either – they will simply be able to log in and participate. 

Perigon Live has also made it extremely easy for virtual entertainment event attendees to register and advanced chat functionality can be made available as well. If you’re planning any form of virtual entertainment and would like to learn more about how you’ll benefit from using Perigon Live to do so, contact us today.