How Perigon is Using Virtual Events to Help Educational Institutions

For well over a decade, teachers and professors have turned to virtual learning as an extension of – or even as an alternative to – traditional classroom learning. Perigon is committed to providing schools, colleges, and universities with the software they need to deliver the right education to the right people at the right time. Here are some of the ways in which Perigon’s live streaming software and platform improve e-learning.

A Virtual Alternative to Large Gatherings

Faculty and students come together in many ways throughout a school year. Some of the most popular on-campus or in-school events that would typically be held in person include:

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: These conferences give parents the opportunity to learn more about how their children are performing in school, what they’re doing well, and even what they’re struggling with. Hosting these events virtually is more convenient for busy families as it allows them to attend from anywhere, whether it’s the comfort of home or on the subway as they commute to or from work.
  • Faculty Meetings: Faculty meetings are important in a variety of ways, whether they’re held to inform teachers and staff of operational changes or to give faculty an opportunity to have their voices heard. Virtual meetings make it simpler and more convenient for everyone to attend.
  • Campus Tours: Campus tours are an important part of the enrollment process, but with specific dates and times come large crowds. Like many other events, it’s possible to host campus tours virtually, which is not only more convenient for everyone, but also safer during the pandemic.
  • Workshops: Workshops are excellent ways for teachers and faculty to learn about things such as building rapport with students, delivering education effectively, and much, much more. Virtual workshops are excellent options for busy staff and speakers as they can be hosted and attended from anywhere.
  • Graduation Ceremonies: Whether a student is graduating high school or kindergarten, it’s a memory to be cherished, and that’s why so many educational institutions work hard to provide opportunities for ceremonies. However, with social distancing requirements, it’s difficult to create a safe atmosphere for students and their families. Virtual graduation ceremonies are growing in popularity because they provide all the excitement of a traditional ceremony with none of the dangers.
  • Other Large Group Events: Other events that schools may host throughout the year include things like holiday recitals, talent shows, open houses, and more. Like parent-teacher conferences, meetings, workshops, and graduation ceremonies, all of these can be held virtually for convenience and safety.

Why Choose Perigon?

Unlike many of the other live streaming platforms available today, Perigon was designed with education in mind. Continuing education webinars are designed to meet any federal and state guidelines they may be subject to, and they give the speaker the ability to deliver tests or quizzes to gauge the users’ knowledge. In fact, Perigon makes it possible to recommend further courses or even automate the delivery of certificates to those who participate. It makes things simple and easy for everyone involved, and the convenience it provides is unsurpassed.

Virtual events have become the “new normal” so to speak as they promote social distancing and good health. Perigon is committed to helping educators all across the country deliver materials like lectures, videos, and even fun classroom events to their students effectively, affordably, and easily.

Seeing is believing

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