COVID19 has resulted in more employees than ever before working from home instead of commuting to physical offices, and this has resulted in the demand for online conferencing facilities increasing substantially. Although many different virtual platforms are now available in this regard, Perigon Live offers a range of features to their users that simply aren’t available elsewhere. 

Completely Transforming Traditional Webcasting

Perigon is currently the only live online conferencing platform that combines data-driven audience segmentation with multi-faceted communication. In short, it provides the ability for event hosts to engage with a number of different target groups during a single event. 

Event attendees can be segmented according to personal preferences, the type of industries they work in or even by the position they hold at their place of employment. Messages sent to attendees can then be tailored according to each group of attendees’ requirements, which in turn allows event planners or managers to create customized calls to action for each specific group. 

Simplified Registration and Event Management Processes

Perigon’s platform supports a number of registration page versions, while also accepting tentative registrations from individuals who may be unsure of whether they’ll be able to attend a specific webinar or not. Several different titles can then be generated to help boost social media marketing efforts pertaining to the event, and follow-up mails can be sent from numerous email addresses. 

The platform offers different tools that can be used to send out customized emails to segmented audiences that will be in attendance and previews of the registration page can be sent on to assigned reviewers. 

A Unique In-event Experience

Another unique offering provided on the Perigon Live platform is that it not only allows in-person attendees to submit any questions and answers they may have pertaining to the event; Registered attendees can even submit any Q&A that they want to share with the rest of the audience before the event gets underway as well. 

The platform also provides ultra stable connectivity; meaning that any virtual events being hosted on it will run seamlessly, and no software download will ever be needed to use it. Event presenters can talk over video content and Perigon’s platform has the ability to host upwards of 20,000 attendees per single event. 

Advanced chat facilities enable attendees to ask question or provide answers to questions being asked by presenters or fellow attendees throughout the virtual event. 

Once a virtual event has ended, any data that has been obtained from attendees can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms such as Salesforce. Data obtained in this way will be a tremendous help to sales employees when it comes to learning as much as possible about their target markets and retaining customers for as long as possible once a deal has been concluded. 

If you’re an online event manager or organizer and you’ve been searching for a platform that offers more than just video connectivity for attendees, Perigon Live can provide this. Contact our team today to find out more about the options we can provide for you in this regard.