Perigon Live Launches New Green Room Feature

Digital event popularity is skyrocketing in 2020 as companies continue to realize the simplicity and convenience of online meetings. Because of this, the software platforms hosting these events must evolve with their users to provide the best possible experiences. Perigon Live has improved its digital virtual engagement platform with the new Green Room feature, which is a dedicated meeting space for team members that can be utilized during an event. 

What is the Green Room?

Perigon’s new Green Room feature was designed and developed with team members in mind. In a studio or theater, a green room is a separate space away from the stage and the audience where performers or speakers can relax before and after their roles in a performance or event. Perigon’s Green Room feature is designed to mimic this by providing team members who are presenting during a digital event with a dedicated space to communicate with one another. The Green Room space is private; the event audience cannot see or hear anything that happens inside the room, even in the middle of the event. 

Green Room Benefits 

The Green Room brings several new capabilities to the Perigon platform, and these are beneficial to teams in numerous ways. 

  • Private communication within the Perigon platform. Team members will no longer need to rely on any other software or communication service to have private discussions during their events. The Green Room was created specifically for this purpose. 
  • The Green Room is webcam-enabled. For teams who prefer to utilize webcams during their mid-event discussions, the Green Room makes it simple to share webcams. 
  • Individuals can view the Participants Panel from within the room. Team members who are in the Green Room can access the Participants Panel and host discussions about participation from within the room. 
  • Room-specific text chat allows instant communication. Aside from webcam sharing, team members who are part of the Green Room can also access instant room-specific chat space that can only be accessed or viewed by others who are in the room. 
  • The Green Room is easy to set up and access. To enable the Green Room for any specific event, you can simply visit the Stage section inside the Event Builder and turn it on. 

How to Make the Most of the Green Room

To truly make the most of the Green Room feature during your next virtual event, make sure each of your team members has access to the Perigon Live platform before the event begins, and consider hosting a mock event so that everyone can acclimate themselves to the platform. Some teams prefer to schedule short Green Room meetings during the event so they can check in with their team members before and after they give their presentations. It’s a great way to provide coaching and motivation or to request quick changes. The Green Room is also useful for viewing and discussing real-time participation data, which allows you to make on-the-fly decisions to improve engagement. 

With the addition of the Green Room feature, Perigon Live continues to evolve and grow along with its clients by providing them with access to the tools and features they need to make their events a success. The room-specific chat, webcam sharing, and Participants Panel view – all from one simple dashboard – offers numerous new benefits and opportunities.