In today’s world, large in-person events are fewer and farther between than they ever have been in the past. While some people may have balked at the idea of foregoing these huge in-person gatherings as a result of social distancing guidelines, they have quickly discovered a massive benefit associated with virtual events: they save enormous amounts of time and money. Today, virtual event attendance and engagement is off the charts for that very reason. 

The In-Person Event Scenario

To truly understand just how much time and money people save when attending virtual events over in-person events, it helps to put yourself in the attendees’ shoes. Assume for a moment that you live in Los Angeles, and you’ve been invited to a conference taking place in New York City in two months’ time. Some of the things you will need to do include:

  • Put in a time off request from your job.
  • Buy airline ticket(s).
  • Book a hotel room. 
  • Reserve a rental car. 
  • Set aside money for food, including meals in restaurants, room service, snacks, and more. 
  • Hire a babysitter or pet sitter.

This is a very basic list that most everyone will need to complete; your circumstances may be even more complicated. Think of all the time and money that goes into all these things. It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and at the end of the day, you might decide it just isn’t worth it to travel all that way, even if you’re generally interested. 

The Virtual Event Scenario

Still imagining that you live in Los Angeles, and you’ve been invited to a conference in New York City in two months, imagine what your to-do list would look like if it was a hybrid or virtual event, instead. Depending on the timing of the event and the nature of your job, you might still need to take a little time off, but not days at a time. Instead of booking hotel rooms and paying for airline tickets, all you must do is utilize your virtual ticket to log in at the correct date and time – all from the comfort of home. You can prepare your own meals in advance or order your favorite takeout or delivery, and you won’t have to hire someone to take care of your pets or children because you can attend from home. 

People Value their Time and Money

Although there are still times when people want to go through the motions of spending the extra time and money to travel, most would rather reserve these expenses and time obligations for their vacations. Although it’s true that virtual events are not quite the same because there’s no physical mingling, the technology used by today’s virtual event platforms are far more realistic than they once were, and attendees tend to enjoy the experience regardless of their location. Due to the massive amounts of time and money that organizations and their attendees can save when choosing virtual events over traditional in-person ones, there’s no doubt that virtual events are here to stay. In fact, virtual events bring more traffic and often even more engagement than their in-person counterparts, which makes them a success for the organizations hosting them.