Not Every Virtual Platform is High-quality Streaming – Here’s why Perigon is the Best

With so many live events such as business meetings, trade shows and other gatherings being canceled in the past year, hosting virtual events online has become more popular than ever. This has resulted in an increased need for online platforms that not only have the ability to host these events, but can also be totally customized to suit the needs of various users. 

Perigon Live has an outstanding array of unique features in this regard, some of which will be discussed here:

1. Plan Events that are Engaging and Highly Effective

One of the main issues facing webinar and virtual event planners today is that they usually have to show exactly the same content to every member of their audience and hope that they’ll still be able to achieve the end results they desire. 

Perigon is totally different to all other live streaming webinar software in that it has the option to customize real-time digital content to be shown to specific segments of an audience. This increases engagement substantially because tailored messages can be delivered to targeted attendees throughout the event – instead of having to wait for post-event content to reach them long after an event has finished. 

2. Take Advantage of Real-time Audience Segmentation

Unlike other webcast platforms that only have the ability to show the same content to all attendees, Perigon has the ability for event planners to define and identify a number of attendee segments according to roles, preferences, types or virtually any other category imaginable. 

This not only makes it possible for webcast planners to send customized messages to the different groups of virtual attendees; Specific calls to action can be created for each group as well, and any segment data that is obtained throughout the duration of a webcast becomes part of each attendee’s record. 

3. Collect Valuable Data during Webcasts

If you regularly plan and host webcasts, chances are that you would have liked to be able to gather various types of data from each attendee, but haven’t had the functionality to do so – until now. 

With Perigon, it’s possible to collect several types of data relating to event attendees, including:

  • Location information – depending on the type of service or product you’re selling or providing, it can be extremely useful to find out where attendees are situated. For example, if most attendees are in a specific location, you’ll know to focus marketing efforts there 
  • Contact information – obtaining email addresses and contact number from attendees can help a company build its marketing list
  • Industries being represented – seeing the industries that event attendees represent allows you to determine where there’s the most interest in your product
  • Levels of interest – in cases where attendees were interacting during an event, data obtained from their interaction can be used to determine how engaging it was

If you would like further information or you’re keen to schedule a demonstration to see how Perigon will benefit your next webcast, get in touch with us today. We look forward to taking your webcasting to new heights.