Your Virtual Auditorium

Perigon is a true virtual auditorium where there is a stage, a backstage, and an audience watching the stage. Welcome your attendees as they enter the auditorium with a pre-countdown, get them more excited as the event countdown begins, engage them in a production within the live event itself, and increase attendance through a post-event with our Video On Demand capability. Elevate your brand through seamless transitions, recognize your sponsors or partners in each event stage, and review your results using dynamic and visual analytics.

Increase Attendee Interactivity

Take advantage of ten hot event elements available with Perigon designed for increasing event engagement.

Layouts and Transitions

  • Choose from 100+ layouts to be used within your event, each layout preconfigured simply awaiting your assets and messaging
  • Use different layouts throughout your event, from pre-countdown to countdown to the event itself based on the transitions you want for an engaging attendee experience, or functionally based on the production crew roles backstage
  • Produce your event with seamless transitions from webcams/speakers, to video clips, to polls and presentations; it’s yours to control

Video On Demand

  • Use Perigon’s video library capability to integrate VOD as part of your attendee experience
  • Prolong the event lifecycle and draw more attendees to your brand post-event by hosting your event VOD style
  • You set the duration of your event longevity, yet you collect all registrant and attendee data throughout the availability of your event

Audience Polling

  • Create planned/designed polls and launch them within your event according to your Run of Show
  • Control poll results by allowing attendees to view them, or not
  • Create a poll within the event on-the-fly
  • Use advanced polling features such as nested polls based on a previous response

Advanced Chat

  • Take advantage of the power Perigon chats can provide, from simple public chats, to private one-directional chats
  • Moderate and route chat as the producer backstage for individuals or for all attendees
  • Use our advanced chat filtering and chat tab capabilities for events with many moving parts

Call-to-Action Carousel

  • Create actionable images or messaging that directly links to a specific URL causing clicks and interaction without leaving the event
  • Leverage carousel “tracks” based on Perigon’s audience segmentation capability to personalize and hone-in your messaging based on the attendee’s profile
  • Recognize your sponsors, partners or members throughout the event

Social Network Feeds

  • Boost social interactivity throughout your event by adding a Twitter feed into your Perigon event layout
  • Allow for Twitter activity to be generated from attendee mobile devices, or activate their feed from within Perigon
  • Manage appropriate content as the producer backstage monitoring Twitter feeds before they become public within the event

Branded Headers

  • Use our header space to create the highest quality branded header elevating your brand
  • Add an actionable element by attaching a link to a specific call to action
  • Increase sponsorship value or attendee personalization by leveraging our audience segmentation feature with your header

Custom HTML Options

  • Don’t like what you see within a side panel element that’s out-of-the-box? Create your own by dropping in your HTML code to further personalize attendee interactivity
  • Great for live events with multiple panels or speakers allowing for clicks to future event registration, customer speaker bios, event agendas, and more

Web URL Links

  • Link to any specific site you wish to launch within the event, without ever departing from the event itself
  • Great as an option for connecting to donation pages, exhibitors, trivia night, yoga sessions, and more

Attendee Resources

  • Share documents for attendees to view during the event or download for future reference
  • Great for educational events or symposiums, annual meetings, speaker bios, presentation copies, and more

Desktop and Mobile
Attendee Experience

Responsive event user interface for desktop and mobile

  • Attend from your computer with options to view all elements of the event layout, or go full screen on the main event stage, or cast the event main stage onto your TV screen.
  • Watch from your mobile device with navigation built for your phone taking advantage of screen limits, yet not limiting any of your event interaction.
  • Regardless of device, use all features and functions available within your Perigon event. Join any event with just a click or tap of your finger.

Registration At Your Fingertips

Track your registration progress knowing the best sources for your registration traffic.
Know where your traffic is coming from by using Mcode, which can be added to each registration link.

  • Complete registration capability from event registration link, to registration form with basic or added user defined fields, to confirmation emails with or without registrant event links until you are ready, to event confirmation or reminder emails with registrant link allowing for multiple scheduled email sends.
  • Registration medium tracking capability through appending a marketing code to any event registration link for analyzing best sources attracting registrants.
  • Want to manage registration yourself and provide Perigon registrant data? No problem. Import registrant data directly into Perigon further controlling your registration process.
  • For a deeper integrated registration, utilize our Perigon API creating a data integrated layer between your registration system and Perigon.

Audience Segmentation for Higher Engagement

Knowing more about your registrants and attendees translates to Perigon elements coordinated with your audience:
  • Create registration fields with the intent to increase attendee engagement based on who they are, serving up content that is only relevant to them.
  • Have a portion of your sales team attending from Canada? Provide a different branded header with a maple leaf making them feel more welcome.
  • Want to provide different resources based on their role you captured in the registration phase? Show a CIO a resource that’s right for them, while the CFO get’s a different resource tailored to their function.

Visualization, and Dynamic Analytics

See and use your data through the lens of Perigon’s visualization analytics

Across Event

  • View statistics across all your events, filter by specific event types, set specific date ranges, or by count of past events.
  • View cross-event attendee percentages, and event engagement scores.
  • A great way to provide summary information by division, event type or series with data adjusting dynamically.

In Event

  • Look deeper into any specific event to understand event engagement.
  • View your attendee distribution by engagement level across the duration of the event with ability to dive into any specific event portion to comprehend what was taking place.
  • Pick-and-click on any portion of the event through our event viewer which allows you to re-watch any portion of the event and what was occurring that created that spike or dip.


  • View specific attendee behavior during your event or event set.
  • Learn not only about the count of clicks taken but which specific elements received more interaction than others.
  • Take it a level deeper by viewing the context behind the counts – not only know how many chats were created, see and read the actual chats initiated by that attendee within the event; context-related information available by attendee or attendee type in Perigon.

Use Perigon Directly
within Salesforce

Want to know which of your hottest opportunities engaged in your broadcast just moments ago, and how they specifically interacted? Want to create an event directly out of Salesforce using leads and contacts in Salesforce or your Marketing Automation platform? Perigon has been integrated into Salesforce at the salesforce object level with over 20 custom fields.

available on

All the Buzz at a Fraction of the Price

The Production Power of Perigon

Built with the capacity to handle audiences of significant size that will
provide a compelling experience for your attendees.


concurrent attendees

Cloud Easy

no attendee app downloads

No Limits

unlimited backstage passes

Event Lifecycle

Stop thinking “event” or “webinar” and start thinking “lifecycle” to increase event engagement and attendee experience.


  • Initiate engagement early through messaging visually and audibly well before the event begins
  • Put HTML to use creating the ability to invite attendees to warm-up activities before joining the morning general session such as a yoga session, a company store to purchase gifts, or a donation opportunity
  • Provide links to future events or additional sponsorship opportunities


  • Crank up the energy prior to event-start with videos, company messaging, product previews and speaker teaser clips
  • Show off your sponsors and partners through air-time providing exclusive promotional clips and advertising
  • Change layout templates to initiate interactivity through chats, polls, and calls to action


  • Create a memorable main event through layout changes and seamless transitions
  • Engage the full attendee base or drive moderated Q&A with the VIP on stage
  • Raise polls by design or on-the-fly
  • Create calls-to-action promoting sponsor ads, corporate messaging, and educational content

Post Event VOD

  • Extend your event using Perigon’s VOD capability
  • Expand new registrations through continued marketing post-event
  • Revisit content with attendees who can view all event content VOD style
  • Continue interactivity through post-event chats with your old and new attendees

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