Visual Dynamic Analytics

See and use your data through the lens of PerigonIQ™ – Our visualization analytics service. View statistics across all your events, filter by specific event types, set specific date ranges, or by count of past events. Look deeper into any specific event to understand event engagement. View your attendee distribution by engagement level across the duration of the event with ability to dive into any specific event portion to comprehend what was taking place. View specific attendee behavior during your event or event set. Learn not only about the count of clicks taken but which specific elements received more interaction than others. Take it a level deeper by viewing the context behind the counts. PerigonIQ™ offers event and attendee information, dynamically and visually.

Across Event

See event analytics to get a quick snapshot on the performance of events. The goal is to see trends over time, performance of marketing campaigns, and attendee engagement. Quickly determine if your events are on track to reach attendance or engagement goals.


Interact with the filters (“Select a Date Range” and “Select Last # Events”). Dynamically adjust the dashboard to include the preferred number of recent events. Consume “Summary” data of key indicators of the historical events in view.

Data Points

Data points include attendees and registrants for events. See the statistical breakout by each event. Interact with the “Number of Unique Attendees to Registrants” view to further filter the other views to that specific event.


Determine by event the engagement score and the interactions which contribute to engagement. Filter across event to select a specific event to understand interactivity and differences by event.

In Event

Get a quick snapshot on the performance of one event. See trends over the course of a live event and attribute it to what happened within the event. Explore attendee engagement distributions to identify groups of users, and determine what was the distribution of answers to calls to action, polls, and custom functions. Drill down to a group of highly valued or interesting attendees for follow up and marketing purposes.


Interact with the filters (“Select an Event”). Dynamically adjust the dashboard so all data pulled for each visual only includes data from the selected event. Consume “Summary” data of key indicators of the particular event.


Navigate to a specific time in the event by clicking on the graph at a given second. Get a detailed view of user engagement and swap between interaction types to understand where groups of customers began to form. View data responses to important calls to action, custom functions, chats and polls.

The Power of Context

PerigonIQ™ provides the detail you could not see before. Increase your ability to answer the “Why” question within your event data. Go beyond the “count” of polls, chats, and ad clicks. Understand the context behind the counts by viewing the actual responses using PerigonIQ™. View the count of chats and then read the actual chat messages to understand the attendee. View the count of ad clicks and then understand which ads resonated with specific event attendees, enhancing the value of ad consumption to partners and sponsors.


Filter down to a list of unique attendees. Filters include engagement score, interaction responses, events, and date ranges. Create a filtered list of desired attendees to download attendee data of those users or select individual attendees to get a deeper understanding of their involvement in all events attended.


See one attendee’s journey as a consumer of events. It lets you know how many events they have attended, what was their average engagement score, the average % active they were in viewing the event, and how much they interacted with various interaction types.

Drill Down

The filter hub gives the ability to drilldown to a select group of attendees. Download the data with customer email addresses. The number of attendees is dynamically changed to give feedback on how many attendees fit their filter options.


See the names of the attendees who were filtered. Order by average engagement score of an attendee or by the number of events attended. Select any attendee to get a detailed analysis of that individual across the events they have attended.

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