With social distancing becoming an integral part of everyday life, it comes as no real surprise to most that live streaming has become incredibly popular. Aside from using live streaming software to connect with friends, family, and fans, it has also become popular among businesses of all types and sizes. Here’s how business as a whole is using live streaming to its advantage and what your business should expect for the future.

Why is Live Streaming So Popular?

Some people have referred to recent times as the Fourth Industrial Revolution – and rightly so. Technology continues to grow better and more complex, and that includes the ability to stream content. The benefits of streaming content include:

  • Multi-device capabilities. It’s possible for media consumers to start viewing a stream on their mobile devices and seamlessly continue on their televisions.
  • Media anywhere. Whether consumers are at home in front of their televisions, holding their laptops, or on the subway during their evening commute, they can access media anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  • Advanced audience segmentation. Live streaming software gives businesses the ability to segment the content they deliver within a stream to ensure that the right people see the right content at the right time. For example, if your company offers different products in different states, audience segmentation allows individuals who are in a specific state to view the content for only their state. This makes content more personalized and relevant.
  • Better quality. Improvements in internet delivery, broadband capabilities, and even device capabilities (such as 4k streaming) have made video streams one of the preferred ways to consume media of all kinds.
  • Stream anything. Services like Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch are some of the most popular services available today as they allow users to find virtually anything – from a horror flick to an ASMR video – on demand.
  • Connect with anyone. Finally, live streaming software makes it possible to connect with people at any time and from virtually anywhere. From social media “rooms” to virtual meeting spaces, the possibilities are endless.

How Businesses are Reaping the Benefits of Better Streaming

Live streaming software can benefit virtually any business, but different industries utilize streaming services in different ways. For example, any company can use live streaming software to host meetings, even if each user is in a different country, as long as each person has access to the internet. Medical providers are utilizing live streaming to meet with their patients in a safe, convenient way, which makes social distancing incredibly simple. Finally, companies can utilize live streams to demonstrate their products or services via webinars, and they can even answer questions in real time. It’s like an interactive television commercial that people can view from virtually anywhere, and it’s taking the world by storm.

The Future of Business

Though no one is certain about when the pandemic that triggered social distancing and the rise of video streaming will end, there is one thing that is certain: now that consumers and businesses have discovered the convenience and simplicity of video streaming, there’s no going back. Businesses that embrace the technology now and find new, innovative ways to incorporate it into their operations are already one step ahead of the game. They’re delivering exactly what today’s consumers and employees want – the ability to connect with their coworkers, employers, families, and even their favorite brands from anywhere.

From company meetings to family reunions, and from marketing campaigns to live question-and-answer sessions, live streaming software brings everyone together in a virtual sense when they can’t be together in reality.