Developing an exceptional sales team without the right tools and support is virtually impossible. The sheer level of competition that is out there nowadays means that several companies will be fighting you for every potential sales lead that is out there, so it’s crucial that you provide your sales employees with everything they need to stand head and shoulders above their competitors – and Perigon Live can be a tremendous help in this regard. 

A Virtual Event Platform with a Difference

Although there are several virtual event platforms available these days, none come close to offering the features and functionality that Perigon Live provides, especially where sales and marketing are concerned. 

The days of simply having attendees register for a virtual event and not contributing or being able to obtain useful information afterwards are long gone. Sales employees can use Perigon to help generate potential sales leads, host virtual product demonstrations, manage customer on-boarding and handle client retention and nurturing with ease. 

Obtaining Data throughout Virtual Events

Perigon not only enables sales, training and other business-related events to be hosted virtually; the platform has been designed with the ability to collect various types of crucial information before an event starts, once attendees have provided their registration details and even throughout the event. 

Examples of information that can be collected when using Perigon include, but may not be limited to:

  • Email addresses and contact numbers of attendees – this provides an excellent way for sales employees to build various types of marketing lists, and because Perigon offers the option of providing segmented content to selected attendees, this makes it far easier to send out personalized marketing information
  • Attendees’ locations – in many cases, it’s extremely helpful to determine where event attendees are situated. For example, if there’s a lack of attendance from a specific state or region, it could provide you with an indication of where a salesperson should focus more of their marketing efforts
  • Industry segmentation – obtaining information regarding the industries that event attendees represent will help sales employees determine where the most interest lies for the specific product or service they’re marketing
  • Levels of interest – Perigon’s platform provides the option of giving attendees a way to interact during an event, and information obtained from them in this way will allow sales employees to see how engaged they really were. If most individuals interacted during an event, it’s normally an indication that it was engaging enough to hold their interest

Systems Integrations

Another advantage of having sales employees use Perigon’s interactive virtual event platform is that it has the ability to seamlessly integrate with various customer relationship management (CRM) platforms including Salesforce. This will go a long way with helping sales employees to give their absolute best when sourcing new clients, selling products and services to them and retaining their clients over time. 

If you would like to learn more about how Perigon Live will be able to benefit your sales employees when they host virtual events and product demonstrations, contact our team today.