Large Event Experience

Virtual and hybrid events that span multiple days or multiple events demand an expanded customer journey. Converting two-day in-person symposiums may be treated as a sequential virtual event spanning multiple weeks to insure engagement and avoid virtual fatigue. Trade show conferences will require replication of an in-person experience via general session and breakout rooms. Partners and sponsors require advertising, air-time and booth presence. Conference attendees require direction, easy access to desired events, exhibitors, and agendas. Perigon Conference provides several options to approach large events while maintaining a focus on the primary requirement – an easy customer journey.

Breakout Rooms

Perigon breakout rooms are designed as the smaller auditoriums available to an attendee. Think of these breakout rooms as having nearly the same functionality as the large auditorium, yet the ability to hold multiple concurrent events with a seamless attendee experience.

Event Flow

  • Design your conference with the ability to initiate the event through a general session, and then seamlessly allow attendees to flow into multiple breakout sessions
  • Once breakout sessions are concluded, seamlessly bring attendees back to a closing session designed to reconnect all attendees in the large auditorium before close

Sponsor Opportunity

  • Each breakout room has the ability to promote and display messaging, branding, and calls to action for sponsors or partners who seek the ability to personalize their visibility within a breakout
  • Each breakout can be tailored to any of Perigon’s available layouts that further allows sponsor or partner brand value

Attendee Options

  • Control the experience you wish to create for your attendees
  • Route attendees to designated breakouts based on previous selections
  • Allow attendees to move within breakouts as opposed to designated slots
  • Allow access based on event days or tracks


  • View breakout room attendee participation, time-in-event, and interactivity
  • Provide sponsors or partners with tangible outcomes of time-on-brand, calls to action and attendee interest in available resources
  • Poll or chat with attendees during the event to gauge their engagement and response to each breakout room and its value

Event Series

Increase the value of your conference by considering an event series format which creates events that are linked together from an attendee experience through one single login throughout the series.

This event format reduces virtual fatigue by re-structuring your two-day event into 4-half-day events, and extends the value of your conference over a longer period of time. Adding a post-event VOD feature continues to extend the life of your conference and attracts additional registrants that could have missed the opportunity to join live.

Data shows that attendee time-in-event is more consistent in this format with full participation throughout the event.

Think Big

Creating a Better Experience

Use breakouts and event series in combinations to create the type of event that provides the right attendee journey for your conference. Begin with a general session on day 1 with a morning keynote, follow with three tracks of which two lead directly into breakouts while the third begins with a keynote and then shifts to breakouts. Perigon’s “parent-child” architecture allows for flowing designs, all while the attendee joins with one link and enjoys the journey.


Two-Day Symposium Transforms
Into a Month of Education

  • An educational institution redesigned their hallmark two-day symposium into a series of half-day events over the duration of one month
  • Registrants recieved the invitation to all four event with the ease of a single login using Perigon’s event series.
  • Events were scheduled at the same time and day each week, with the availability for registrants to watch past events in Perigon’s VOD format.
  • Participation increased throughout the series with consistant time-in-event analytics and attendee interactivity results and sponsor satisfaction

All the Buzz at a Fraction of the Price



The Ultimate Virtual Venue

Create a customer journey for a multi-day event through an event microsite that’s full of functionality, gated for registrants, and simplified in navigation allowing attendees to easily move within the event from keynotes, to breakouts, speaker bios, partner or sponsor exhibit pages, and event agenda and resources.

Change In Mindset

  • Stop thinking about a virtual lobby with an escalator or a fireplace with seating, as data is proving that attendees simply want to navigate to what’s important and valuable within the conference
  • Start thinking about a microsite approach that takes advantage of website navigation principles allowing attendees to easily get to the sessions and information they want


  • Select from a variety of microsite layouts and pages that will bring your event to life with the brand experience you expect
  • Expand on the pages you wish to add into your conference based on what you wish to emphasize, from sponsor pages to mirror an exhibit, to in-depth speaker bios, to event resources

Keynotes and Breakouts

  • Utilize a microsite format to create the agenda you want visible to attendees each day
  • Use a tiled layout for film festivals and panel discussions
  • Combine keynotes with breakout tiles, adding a dynamic agenda for attendees to know where to move next

Gated or Not

  • Design your conference microsite with permission-based access
  • Open your microsite to the general public while allowing gated permission to specific available events within the conference

Video On Demand

Creating a Better Post Event Experience

Create a post-event experience that will attract new registrants and allow for a second-view for past attendees by converting your live virtual event into a post-event Video on demand microsite. You can also expand your sponsorship opportunities through continued visibility of ads and promotions to both your old and new attendees. You can also create continued interactivity through chat and calls to action, extending and growing your event. The possibilities are limitless!
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