If it’s one thing that COVID19 has taught us, it’s that a number of meetings, gatherings and even social events that would previously have been hosted live can be performed 100% virtually. As time has moved on, more and more corporations and event planners have started seeing that there are several benefits that can be enjoyed when hosting events online.

1. A Budget-friendly Option

One of the main benefits of hosting virtual as opposed to physical events is that they are far easier on a company or event planner’s budget. Aspects such as travel costs, catering, cocktails, venue hire and even physical gifts can all be eliminated when events are hosted virtually. While some companies may still be having gifts delivered to attendees of virtual events, many have downscaled by sending items that are more affordable than before.

2. More Chance of Luring Household Names

A great way to ensure maximum attendance for virtual events is to advertise that a household name will be present as a keynote speaker. Hosting professional events online has enabled well-known individuals such as Anthony Fauci to be a headline speaker in far more cases than if he had been requested to travel and appear in person at several locations. Having a well-known person appear for a virtual event will also cost substantially less than requesting their appearance at a physical location.

3. Improve Attendee Numbers

In most cases, it’s easier to attract attendees to an event when they know that no physical traveling will be required for them to be present. With so many people having to adhere to strict social distancing measures, hosting your event online will make it that much more attractive for interested parties to register for attending.

While attendee numbers at physical venues may currently be heavily limited due to social distancing protocols, this is not the case when hosting online events – in most instances; far more attendees can take advantage of virtual offerings than are permitted to be present in person.

4. Customize Offerings for Attendees

When several individuals are signed up for a virtual event, it’s often thought that everyone will have to be given access to all of the content that is being provided or discussed. However, using a platform such as Perigon allows event hosts to totally customize offerings according to each attendee’s requirements or ‘need to know’ level.

5. Enjoy Higher Levels of Interactivity

Although it’s possible to encourage attendee participation at live events, research has shown that having everyone in front of their computers during virtual events makes it far easier to encourage participation in polls and questionnaires that may be made available during a webinar.

Even if the current social distancing measures happen to fall away at some point in the future, this doesn’t mean that webinars or online events will stop. With more companies than ever realizing how beneficial virtual events can be, this option looks set to remain extremely popular for the long term.