Effective and Engaging
Virtual Events

A big problem with traditional tools is that you basically spray the exact same content to the entire audience and then hope that you hit the mark with as many people as possible. Perigon is the only one that lets you tailor real-time digital content to specific parts of your audience. This helps you increase engagement by presenting tailored messages to targeted attendees during an event while you have their attention, instead of waiting for your post-event content to hit them well after your event ends. See how Perigon will change the way you engage with your audience during your next web event.



  1. 1. An angle of 360 degrees
  2. 2. Full Circle

There is no denying the power of a meaningful brand name. It embodies and personifies your promise, values, and the value you provide to your customers.

Great names have inherent meaning, as Perigon does. Yet, though it is a real word with vested connotation, it is neither mainstream nor overused, allowing it to be a vessel for new meaning and equity creation.

Concise and memorable, it provides a compelling canvas to bring our unique technology to market and to the hearts and minds of our customers, users, and the emerging cultural landscape

Our Logo

The word Perigon itself speaks to 360 vision, communication and solution. Strong in meaning itself, the name’s visual structure offers unique opportunities to express and amplify its interpretation in a powerful, believable, unique symbol that stands strong in our marketplace.

The circle of the “p” becomes symbolic not only of the 360 proposition, it is evocative of a target that is zeroing in on your audiences, hitting your goals. Containing it as a standalone, extractable equity creates own-ability, memorability and an agility reflective of Perigon. Playfully twisting the “G” askew reinforces our innovative “think differently” approach.

Staying true to our core, our colors were chosen with purpose. The sky blue symbolizes clarity and optimism, grounded in confidence, wisdom, and trust. The black symbolizes authority and strength, contemporary sophistication. Finally, the logo stands as our core brand pillar to support our story, and to all of the expressions and extensions we offer in the future.

Committed to Innovation

Perigon is built by WIN Technology, reflecting its ongoing commitment to innovation in communication. Perigon isn’t just breaking the mold, it’s casting a new one.

WIN is a technology company that is fast, flexible, reliable, and customer focused. Our capabilities span across the physical network connectivity layers, to managing your data assets and day-to-day IT operations, to providing high quality streaming webcasting applications for mass consumption. Founded on carriage, there are few who understand webcasting network demands better.

WIN Technology was founded in 1997 and operating profitably since 2003. Highly stable and independently owned, headquartered in the US with operating offices in the Midwest, and serving customers in the contiguous US and four continent locations.

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