Although some event planners still think it will be too challenging to take their activities and skills online, this is no longer the case. Technology such as virtual event platforms have made it easier than ever to ensure that most types of activities can still take place – regardless of whether participants are out of town or across the globe. Below are just some of the ways in which the entertainment industry is taking full advantage of online event platforms.

1. Virtual Film Festivals

Film festivals are among the many events that initially had to be canceled because of COVID-19. However, virtual event platforms have not only allowed festival producers and organizers to move these events online; hosting them online has meant that more movie buffs and industry experts than ever before can now be a part of them because of not having to travel to specific locations.

An example of a successful virtual film festival is the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, which took place earlier this year.

2. Virtual Concerts

An excellent example of a virtual concert that was a tremendous success is Billie Eilish’s, “Where do we go? The Livestream” event. Although tickets to her 2020 world tour had sold out initially, the live event had to be cancelled and Eilish wanted to find a way to connect with her fans during lockdown.

The concert was produced with several camera angles and a large LED stage, which showed various scenes to viewers throughout the event. A chat function was provided for attendees, along with an online store that sold limited edition merchandise.

3. Comedy Shows

Funny Business Agency, a Michigan-based company, hosts virtual comedy shows to help boost the mood at various virtual events. Using prerecorded or live – or a combination of the two, the agency makes provisions for many platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft teams and several others. Event planners can then choose from a selection of shows, including stand-up comedy to sketch comedy and much more.

4. Virtual Film Screening for Movie Industry Executives

Although some movie industry executives say that they’re waiting for cinemas to be back up and running again, several others have decided not to play this waiting game and have gone ahead with planning their events in an online capacity instead.

While industry experts agree that virtual screenings won’t provide as much of a “wow” factor than an in-cinema event, many others have noted that it will “still be better than nothing” until such time as life returns to normal.

5. Virtual Movie Award Shows

Virtually every part of the entertainment industry has been affected by the pandemic – and movie award shows are certainly no exception. The Emmys 2020 Awards Ceremony, the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The Oscars and several other movie award shows were hosted virtually for the first time ever during the past year.

Thanks to virtual event platforms, it’s become possible to still host events that would otherwise have had to be cancelled due to social distancing requirements. If you would like to find out more about how our live event platform can help you plan your next virtual event, contact us today.