If you are toying with the idea of hosting a virtual event to drive interest in a product, elevate your brand’s reputation, or simply build rapport with would-be clients, it’s important to note that a good virtual event requires at least some level of professional production in order to keep your attendees interested. Below are five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional virtual event producer for your next show. 

#1 – Producers Have Professional Experience

While it’s true that you might have unsurpassed experience in your industry or niche, unless you went to school for event production, a professional producer is an invaluable resource. They have years of experience in creating events that generate interest and keep people interested, and they are familiar with all the latest technologies that can be utilized to really “wow” the audience. 

#2 – Not All Events are the Same

Virtual event producers have experience in a wide range of events, and they understand the subtleties associated with those various events, too. They understand the difference between product launches and broadcasts, and they know how to put together the perfect virtual conference, symposium, or even live panel depending on your ultimate goals. If you are interested in a string of virtual events for your company, hiring someone who can help you choose the right event types (and produce them!) is absolutely critical. 

#3 – Production Quality is Obvious

You might think that putting together a group of speakers and streaming it to the world doesn’t really require a production team. As the years pass, and as more and more companies discover the benefits associated with virtual events, competition continues to grow. If you really want to make an impression, and if you want attendees to see your company as a professional, successful one, then hiring a producer is a necessity – not an option. The quality difference is tangible. 

#4 – They Pay Attention to Details that You Might Miss

Virtual events require a lot of technology in order to be successful. For example, sound needs to be monitored so that each speaker and presenter can be heard clearly – and without the attendees constantly adjusting their volume. The visual quality is also important, and producers know how to adjust lighting in ways that emphasize the speaker or presenter rather than leaving them in the shadows. Producers are trained to focus on details that most people might otherwise miss. 

#5 – They Can Help You Plan Your Event from Start to Finish

A virtual event with good production quality includes transitions, branding, countdowns, attendee interaction, chatrooms, calls-to-action, and much, much more. Gone are the days of a solitary camera capturing every single move on one single stage; these days, transitioning from one speaker to another gives your company an opportunity to show some brand messaging or promote a new product. 

No matter the size, length, or type of event you want to host, good production quality is critical. Without it, your brand’s reputation could suffer – along with its relevance and authority. If you are going to put on a show, make sure it’s a great one by hiring professional producers to help you every step of the way.