There’s nothing quite like gathering with others. In-person events are always fantastic for marketing and sales, enterprise meetings, or even educational purposes, but not everyone has the time or energy to attend. In fact, the truth is that people are busy, and in today’s high-tech world, virtual and hybrid events are key. Here are five of the main reasons why people tend to prefer them. 

#1 – There’s Less Hassle 

Imagine for a moment that you work for a Fortune 500 company, and you are required to travel to a major conference twice a year for updates and information about upcoming changes to the business. There’s a good chance that you’ll need to book a flight, find a hotel room, learn about the local area so you’ll know where to go eat, where to find emergency services, and where to find entertainment. Traveling is just a hassle, especially if you already travel frequently for business. 

#2 – It’s Far More Cost-Effective

It’s also much more cost-effective for people to attend virtual or hybrid events. Once again, there are no plane tickets to buy, no hotel rooms to book, and no expensive restaurants to visit. In fact, it’s possible to attend these events from the comfort of home. If the company hosting the event is responsible for paying travel expenses, the savings can be astronomical. 

#3 – There’s No Need to Make Elaborate Plans

Aside from the everyday hassle associated with buying tickets and booking rooms, there are other logistics that come into play and require people to make elaborate plans. Who will keep the pets while they’re gone? Is a boarding service necessary? Who will watch the children? Can they trust someone to keep the children for two or three days while they travel? These are all very real concerns that often require elaborate planning.

#4 – They Can Multitask

No matter when your event is scheduled, people are far more likely to attend when they have the option to attend virtually because they can multitask. If you live in San Francisco but you’re traveling to Boston to meet with a potential client, you don’t want to cancel or postpone that meeting to attend your company’s event taking place in Las Vegas. At the same time, you probably don’t want to miss the event, either. With a hybrid or virtual event model, you can get on the plane to Boston, meet with the potential client, and then attend the event in Las Vegas from your laptop in your hotel room. It’s really that simple. 

#5 – It’s Fun! 

Finally, virtual and hybrid events offer many ways to engage with content that can be interesting and even fun! Your presentations can involve the entire audience – not just those attending in person. You can poll your distance attendees, give them the opportunity to view only the content that is relevant to them, and even personalize their experiences based upon their individual roles within the company, their position in the sales funnel, and any other criteria you see fit. 

Virtual and hybrid events are the way of the future, and because of this, if you haven’t yet added a virtual element to your presentations, workshops, conferences, sales pitches, and other events, now is the time to start. The benefits are many, and you’re likely to find that attendance skyrockets when you make your events accessible to everyone.