the Stream of Communications


the Stream of Communications

Forget everything you thought you knew about webcasting.

Perigon has revolutionized the way we think about digital events.

Perigon is the first and only live streaming solution that combines multi-faceted communication with data-driven audience segmentation. Engage with multiple target groups in one singular, powerful event.


Perigon changes the webinar live-event experience for the audience and presenters.
Real-Time Audience Segmentation
  • Perigon enables you to create targeted messaging and content offerings before, during, and after an event.
  • Before, during, and after an event, Perigon enables you to simultaneously engage multiple user groups with unique content.
  • Perigon captures and permits the easy sorting of all user data – including chat content, interests expressed during Q&A sessions, firm affiliations, download choices, and replays.
Registration & Event Management
  • Supports multiple registration page versions.
  • Accepts tentative registrations.
  • Can generate alternative titles for social media promotion.
  • Send follow-ups from multiple email addresses.
  • Tools for sending tailored emails to audience sub-sets.
  • Send preview of registration page to designated reviewers.
Event Provisioning
  • Pre-programmable fresh event production options.
  • Presenter can talk over roll-in video as it plays.
In-Event Experience
  • Supports options for in-person attendees to submit Q&A.
  • Can collect Q&A ahead of event.
  • Pre-program event lobby to present loops of rotating content.
Post Event & Analytics
  • Rapid posting of on-demand version of content.
  • Multi-branch polling facilities; targeted data gathering.
System Integrations
Perigon integrates user data with existing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, such as Salesforce, to maximize your customer-retention efforts.

About Perigon

Perigon transforms traditional webcasting into interactive, branded experiences with lasting impact and value.

Beneath the surface, it combines comprehensive existing data with cumulative real time insight, enabling marketers and communicators to shape the right messages and interactions, to the right people at the right time – before, during and after the event.

It’s not webcasting done better – it’s webcasting finally done right. Perigon is the first and only live streaming solution that combines:

  • Multi-faceted, few-to-many communication
  • Data-driven audience segmentation
  • Real-time integration with CRM solutions


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